Proof of Heaven, Our Story

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Proof of Heaven

Factual Revelations from the Other Side

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A Story of Hope and Inspiration based on True Events


Did we actually hear what we thought we heard? Marie and I both looked at each other and we weren’t quite sure what we heard. It was a curiosity-wrapped enigma. The meaning of what we heard wasn’t immediately clear. But did make us want to investigate further. What we discovered was surprising .. and a bit startling. The real meaning of what we heard took a little longer to sink in, but when it did – it became crystal clear. We’d been provided with Proof of Heaven by my mother, who had passed on years before. Both Marie and I heard the evidence and my sister was instrumental in adding the missing information to establish the proof.

At first we weren't sure about do with this information. We were just beginning our married life and were planning to have children, so the information was put on the back burner for a while. He also didn't know whether to tell people are to not tell people. After all, nobody wants to be ridiculed or be called a kook. Most people just want to live their lives with their families and don't really have a notion of spreading information about the afterlife unless they are called to that as an occupation.

Even after a few years had passed and our life became more settled, the importance of the information we had received had not only not diminished but had actually become more clear. But still, I wasn't certain whether I should write the book or not. However, after contemplation, prayer, and consulting with others it became clear that I needed to share this information with all of you so that even if it helped strengthen one person's faith, it was worth it.

As the years have passed since publishing the book, our children grown, the daily life is much like any other family working their way through daily existence. But, the profound nature of the information we received never diminished in importance. Instead, the significance of what we were told continued to increase, especially as we talked about all the things that occurred prior to, during, and after both of my parent's passing. In particular, both of their near-death experiences were profound and similar to the things that others who've had near-death experiences have reported about their experiences.

The most significant difference between our experiences and near-death experiences is that we had multiple people witness the information on numerous occasions. That eliminates the primary weakness of near-death experiences, i.e. that only the person who has the experience witnesses the experience. When it comes to providing proof is nearly impossible for someone who's had a near-death experience to provide proof.

that's where our story is different. Multiple people heard the evidence, making a stronger level of proof than one person's story alone. In fact, you could say that proof that's provided to multiple people rises to the level of proof typically provided as evidence in court. But, even with the strength of the proof we received, an element of faith is still required. We're not likely to be given absolute proof that satisfies even the most ardent cynic, are we likely to see chariots filled with Angels descending from heaven. Instead we've been given stronger evidence that fits modern times. That's why we decided to tell the story. To hopefully give hope and faith in these far more complicated times.